Chinese Virtual Private Network company poses as Attack Platform

August 17, 2015  Security Suite

RSA Security experts revealed that Chinese company Terracota's hacked servers are being used to for launching attacks on non-Chinese corporations.
The attack groups launch their attack attempts using the VPN service thus hiding their origins. This way, the traffic looks like it is coming from reputable and legitimate IP adresses, which makes identification of an attack more difficult.
There are three groups of victims being targeted. The first group involves Terracota customers who believe they use a legitimiate VPN service. The second group of victims belong to over 300 companies whose servers have been penetrated for malicious purposes. The final group represents organizations (mostly government agencies, defense contractors and large enterprises) that are real targets of the attack groups.

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Stagefright - probably the most dangerous threat to smartphones right now

August 25, 2015  Security Suite

Can you imagine a single received MMS could allow hackers to access all your data on your phone? Meet Stagegright, the exploit that is a threat for 950 million smartphones with Android. Vulnerability like this is very dangerous because it does not require any action by the victim - all the hacker needs to compromise your smarthphone is your phone number.

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