US gov't data breach gives rise to questions

July 01, 2015  Security Suite

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) acknowledged publicly that a data hack - including detailedl personal information - of 4.2 million US government workers.  FBI Director James Comey estimated during a closed-door briefing to Senators that the real number of affected persons is 18 million, including former and prospective federal employees. It is believed that the hacked data includes, among others, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, job and pay history and insurances. Another source - a union representing U.S. government workers - say they believe this personal information, e.g. Social security numbers, were not encrypted.

OPM responded to the breach by offering free credit monitoring for 18 months to affected workers - which was critized as "entirely inadequate" by the federal worker union who are demanding a lifetime of credit monitoring. It is not the only thing OPM was critized for. The agency has been criticized also for its inability to protect national security data as well as the inability to provide information about the breach.


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