Critical Patch Update Released for Java®

January 15, 2014  Malware News

An Oracle® Critical Patch Update for January 2014 contains fixes for 144 security vulnerabilities on hundreds of Oracle® products, including Java®. Released January 14, this update contains 36 new security fixes for Oracle® Java® SE alone; 34 of which are targeted at stopping  remote access over a network without the need for a username and password. Affected Java® SE components are Java® SE, Java® SE Embedded, JavaFX®, and JRockit®.

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New Trojan Targets Vulnerable Microsoft Office® Users

April 10, 2015  Malware News

Opening email attachments just got a bit more risky, especially for Microsoft Office® users working in the energy sector. Security software company Symantec® reports a new malware program named Trojan.Laziok arrives in emails and exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Office® that actually should have been patched by users back in April 2012.


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