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How Do I Automatically Install Missing Drivers in Windows® 8

install the Windows® 8 missing drivers

October 08, 2012

Many people that installed Windows® 8 on their computer don’t have a manufacturer’s CD or DVD to download the drivers for this operating system. This is important to those users who install Windows® 8 on an older computer and need to install the Windows® 8 missing drivers. Installing these drivers also might be needed by those who bought a pre-installed Windows® 8 laptop or PC, but need to do a reinstall.

Manufacturers usually add the drivers on their sites for users to easily access and download. Read the instructions below to learn how to access and install the Windows® 8 missing drivers through the action center icon on your computer system.

Instructions for automatically installing drivers in Windows® 8:

  1. In the bottom right of the computer screen in the Desktop view of Windows® 8, you should see a small flag, which is called the “action center icon”. Click it to open the action center.
  2. If the action center finds drivers are missing from your system, it will show you which ones under the “Maintenance” section. For information, click the “View message details” button.
  3. For each of the missing drivers, click the direct download link to start the process.
  4. Run the downloaded file.
  5. Simply proceed with the installation as directed and your drivers will be installed.




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