NSA Reportedly Collecting Internet Contact Lists Worldwide

October 18, 2013  Security Suite

The Washington Post® is reporting the National Security Agency (NSA) collects personal contact lists from email address books and instant messaging buddy lists from various providers worldwide. According to the Post, this collection program is reportedly revealed in top-secret documents provided by NSA subcontractor Edward Snowden and senior intelligence officials. The Post claims to have identified an internal NSA PowerPoint® presentation and calculates more than 680,000 email address books are being intercepted every day as they are sent across global data links, as well as approximately 500,000 buddy lists on live-chat services and inbox displays of web-based email accounts.

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Stagefright - probably the most dangerous threat to smartphones right now

August 25, 2015  Security Suite

Can you imagine a single received MMS could allow hackers to access all your data on your phone? Meet Stagegright, the exploit that is a threat for 950 million smartphones with Android. Vulnerability like this is very dangerous because it does not require any action by the victim - all the hacker needs to compromise your smarthphone is your phone number.


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